Optimized Enduro Exhaust Flange Guard for GasGas EC/EX TBI 250/300 2024 (Red)

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Optimized Enduro Exhaust Flange Guard for Gas Gas EC/EX 250/300 2024 (Red)

Imagine this; you've just bought an expensive carbon fiber pipe guard to protect your expensive pipe. Feeling invincible, you take your bike to the gnarliest rock garden you can find and start playing Graham Jarvis. Next thing you know your pipe takes a huge hit. Thanks to your fancy new pipe guard your pipe is fine, but your exhaust flange is busted!

This isn't too hard to imagine, it happens every day. Pipe guards are great, but they transfer all the energy that would normally dent your pipe into your exhaust flange. Our exhaust flange guard is designed to keep this from happening. Made from solid aluminum, it reinforces the cast exhaust flange, making this a must-have if you've got a pipe guard.


  • GasGas EX/EC 250/300 2024